This afternoon as been so calm in my home and the windows have been open for hours letting in the most captivating north western breeze. As the wind swirled my white cotton curtains around, I stopped crocheting on Kathleen’s poncho and took a deep breath. I saw my whole family before my eyes and smiled while I sipped my cold coffee.

I never seem to drink it when the coffee is warm.

“Thank You God for my family.”

This beautiful scene is still before my eyes as I type out this story. I love when August brings such beautiful weather.

A few days after Darien was born, we were blessed with this same kind of day. It was calm, still, warm and God had sent His faithful cool north western breeze. The cooler air compelled me to open all the windows in my house. I remember that soothing peace that came over me. The smell of that distinct air.

I love this time of year.

I am made to be happy.

It’s amazing how God uses the cooler winds to calm me down and cause me to rest and enjoy my current state of mind and circumstance.

I start to think about that fitted burnt orange sweater.

That I will eventually get.

Along with those navy skinny jeans.

That I will eventually get.

Paired up with tan high heel Frye boots.

Thank Dan, I already have.

My hair having big curls and looking amazing.

Thank God for hair!

Topped off with a hot pumpkin spice latte in my right hand and a piece of cold pumpkin pie in my left. Sitting by a wood burning fire in my own fireplace that my sweetheart had started.

I totally am day dreaming.

I will now ask Declan for another refill of coffee.

Love- Enjoying This Beautiful Day

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