I think God made potatoes to be eaten. Starchy, sugary and all that other good stuff. Potatoes are delicious and nutritious. Even vegetarians eat potato fries. They just don’t eat them with cheeseburgers. Bummer.

We grew potatoes a few years ago, but with all our efforts, we didn’t know that you have to bury the potato plant as it grows, and so we only got a few small potatoes. I take my hat off to potato farmers. They are doing God’s work. God must smile down on them.

I’m pretty sure that when God eats breakfast, he eats fried potatoes, with chicken fried steak.

I cook potatoes for dinner, breakfast, lunches, midnight food.

Here’s what I do.

I wash the potatoes, and then cut them up into cubes. Pop off any growth on the potatoes.Toss them in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper. Even though Oregano is apparently an over-used spice, I really like it, so I cover the potatoes with it.

Turn the burner on medium, and once you flip the potatoes a few times, cover them to steam and make them soft.

After a few minutes, take the lid off and scrape the potatoes loose from the pan and flip. Every 3 or 4 minutes, loosen and flip again.

The potatoes will start to get really brown and cooked together. They also look very delicious.

Add lots of sour cream, or salsa or both.

You can go crazy with it. Jalapenos. Bacon. Cheese. Hot Sauce. It’s all good.

Enjoy your potatoes.

This is a Dan Favorite. All my food is really simple.


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